Thursdays forecast 24/7/14

Thursdays forecast – SUNSHINE!!

What a cracker of a day of most across the Western Isles blue skies and sunshine. However those who are wanting cooler temperatures and wanting rainfall for fishing should check out my weekend ahead forecast tomorrow night. Things are changing. But for now lets enjoy the sunshine!! 

Overnight tonight will see fine and dry night, Quite a bit of cloud around in places but for others it will be a clear night and temps are still quite high. 

Into tomorrow itself as long as the cloud clears it should be a fine dry and sunny day with wall to wall sunshine! I did say should cause we can never rule out the odd light shower. 

It should be fine dry and sunny all day into the evening, Some patchy cloud around at times. 

Winds are forecast to be around 10 mph with some gusts reaching 20 mph overnight tonight and into the morning tomorrow. From a Southerly and South Easterly direction for most of the day but changing to come in from a Northerly and North Easterly direction by the evening. 

Temps around 15C to 25C

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