Week ahead forecast 31/7/14

Weekend ahead forecast – Rain heavy at times. Sunshine, Possible Thunderstorms. Windy. The Kitchen sink..

Its a mostly fine and dry end to the day. Most of the Northern Half of the Western Isles stayed dry today, The Southern Half had most of the rainfall but that has mostly cleared away now.


Overnight tonight will stay mostly fine and dry with a few showers pushing across the Western Isles. Overnight tonight will start off dry but the showers will start to work in across the Western Isles. These showers will last into tomorrow morning where they will become heavier and more persistent across the Northern Half of the Western Isles. The Southern Half is forecast to be drier then Northern Half but will not escape the rain entirely here we are expected to see showers and these could be heavy at times. By the afternoon the worst of the rain is forecast to clear away. But we will still see some sharp showers around and these have the potential to be thundery in nature. Some sunny spells are possible in the morning but the sunshine will start to make more of an impact as the afternoon goes on with some longer spells of sunshine in the breaks in the cloud. It should be mostly fine and dry as we go overnight into Saturday. Winds for the Northern Half will be around 10 to 20 mph coming from a Easterly and Northerly Easterly direction for the Southern Half under 10 mph coming from an Easterly and South Easterly direction. Temps around 11C to 16C


Overnight Friday into Saturday will be mainly dry apart from the odd light shower. Saturday itself is looking like being the driest day of the weekend. Some light Showers are possible but they are expected to be few and far between at this point. The cloud is forecast to dominate so at this point an sunshine is forecast to be limited. As we go into the evening and overnight into Sunday the winds are forecast to increase but its forecast to be dry. Winds will be from a North Easterly direction. Winds will be around 10 to 20 mph during the overnight Friday into Saturday morning but during the day on Saturday are forecast to increase to 20 to 30 mph gusting 40 mph.


A huge amount of uncertainty as yet with Sunday. It will start off dry as we go overnight Saturday into Sunday. It will remain windy but as the night goes on the rain will spread in. We could see some very heavy and persistent rainfall across the Western Isles which will start in the early morning and last until the evening across the Southern Half of the Western Isles before clearing but will remain as we go overnight into Monday for the Northern Half. However I do stress that this is a long way off as yet. Plenty can change and I will keep you up to date. The Met office have issued a yellow warning for Sunday for much of Scotland but not for us. Its a case of wait and see at the moment. Winds will be from a Northerly and North Easterly direction shifting as the day goes on to come from a North Westerly direction. Overnight Saturday into Sunday will be around 20 to 30 mph gusting 40 mph. By late afternoon on Sunday the winds are expected to ease down to under 20 mph and then further under 10 mph by the end of Sunday itself. Temps will range from 12C to 16C

Longer range –

No real signs off anything really becoming to settled again.

Have a great weekend!

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