Mondays forecast 10/8/14

Monday’s forecast – Heavy rain and windy.

I don’t normally split my week ahead forecast up but I feel this time it needs to stop the week ahead forecast becoming to long.

I don’t think it should be under estimated how much the highlands influences the weather we get at times in the Western Isles. This time last week the thunderstorms where dying as they tried to move over the Highlands and into the Minch. The Vast majority of the heavy rainfall is missing the Western Isles at the moment and any that is coming across to us is lighter then what they are getting over on the Mainland.

The weather in the next 36 hrs still has quite a bit of uncertainty attached with it. What ever happens the next 24 to 36 hrs is we will see heavy rainfall across the Western Isles. However at this moment in time the heaviest is forecast to miss us and stay out in the Atlantic. Any shift in this could see some heavy and possibly Torrential rainfall.

At the moment there is some rain across the Western Isles and few sharper showers across the Southern Half of the Western Isles. Heavy rain is expected to push across into the Northern Half of the Western Isles during the night tonight. The Southern Half is also expected to see rainfall push into parts but some areas will stay mostly dry.

Into the day time tomorrow and rain is likely across the entire Western Isles and this could be very heavy at times. The heaviest of the rain is forecast across the Northern Half of the Western Isles during most of the day. There will be some respites. The Southern Half is forecast to start off with mostly light rain before heavier and more persistent rain pushes in by the afternoon.

We should start to see the rain fall easing by late evening across the Western Isles. The wind is also expected to be strong tomorrow. overnight tonight around 10 to 20 mph gusting 30 mph. Tomorrow day time around 20 to 30 mph gusting 40 mph to 50 mph. Before easing down to around 20 to 30 mph during the evening.

Winds will be from a Westerly and North Westerly direction and temps will range from 11C to 16C

I will do another update tomorrow before work, we will have more of any idea by then.

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