Monday Morning update 11/8/14

Monday Morning update

Morning guys, Due to the shift I am working today 10 till 8, I am going to struggle to update this page if any warnings come out or if anything significant happens. The library is shut today in town so won’t be able to use the Wifi to update the page sorry.

At this moment in time heavy rain is affecting many areas of the Western Isles and its going to do so for much of the day. The very heaviest of the rainfall is likely during the next few hours especially across the Northern Half of the Western Isles. The rain is expected to start to ease off by late morning and early afternoon before more heavy rain for the evening. The Rain is affecting the Southern Half of the Western Isles at the moment some places are escaping the worst of it. But its expected to get heavier as the morning goes on and the heaviest rainfall here is expected by the afternoon and last for much of the rest of the day.

This is also accompanied by fairly strong winds which have already reached 45 mph at Stornoway Airport

If I can I will try and update later.

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