Wednesdays forecast 13/8/14

Wednesdays forecast – A run-by Fruiting

A band of heavy rain is across the Northern Half of the Western Isles at the moment and these is quite intense and heavy rain. For the rest of the western isles its a mostly fine and dry end to the day with quite a bit of cloud around.

Overnight tonight is expected to stay mostly fine and dry with the odd light shower around for the Southern Half. The Northern Half is expected to see more overnight rain and more heavy bursts of rain. Into tomorrow morning and its forecast to be a mostly dry start for the Southern half with a few showers around. The Northern Half will see some showers around and these are expected to be heavy at times.

The rest of the morning and afternoon for the Southern Half is expected to be fine and dry with some decent spells of afternoon sunshine and depending on how stubborn the cloud is to shift we could even see some prolonged spells of sunshine. The Northern half will see more showers around but they are forecast to be mostly light and in between we should see some decent sunny spells.

The Southern Half should be fine and dry as we go overnight Wednesday into Thursday. The northern half will see some more light showers around but for most it will be a fine and dry end to the day. It will be another fairly windy tomorrow around 10 to 20 mph gusting 30 mph from a Northerly and North Westerly direction. Temps will range from 12C to 16C

Longer range –

Keeping an eye on a windy weekend for the Western Isles.

Sunrise and Sunset –

Stornoway – 05:43 and 21:16

South Uist 05:54 and 21:13

As regards the Title some of you will get it and others will be confused by it, Those who are simply google it. See More

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