Weekend ahead forecast

Weekend forecast – Sunshine, rain and windy at times

For much of the Western Isles its a fine and dry end to the day. With some decent sunshine as the cloud pushes away. Rain is starting to push into the Southern Half of the Western Isles.


We will see some heavy rain push across the Southern Half of the Western Isles overnight tonight, as the night goes on it will spread into the Northern Half but the Southern half will be where it is heaviest. The rain will become lighter as we go into the early morning, More rain is forecast lighter for the Northern Half of the Western Isles and Heavier again for the Southern Half. The rest of the day is forecast to be sunshine and rain. At times the rain will be quite intense. In between we should see some decent sunshine. By the evening the rain should clear away but the cloud is forecast to dominate. As we go overnight into Saturday a few more showers are forecast. Winds overnight tonight and into the first half are forecast to come in from an Easterly and South Easterly direction for the Second half of tomorrow winds are forecast to shift to a North Easterly and then North Westerly direction. Winds will reach 20 to 30 mph for the Northern Half overnight tonight and will be stronger for the Southern Half around 20 to 30 mph gusting 40 mph perhaps 50 mph at times. Temps will range from 12C to 16C


Overnight Friday into Saturday will see some showers push across the Western Isles. They are forecast to be mostly light. The Southern Half is forecast to have a largely dry day on Saturday a few showers are possible but any are forecast to be light in nature. The cloud is expected to dominate at the moment. The best chance of the cloud clearing is in the afternoon and evening when we could see some decent sunshine. The Northern Half is forecast to have a day of sunshine and rain. The rain is forecast to be mostly light but is expected to last through the morning and on into the afternoon. The best chance of any sunshine again is likely to be in the late afternoon and early evening when the rain clears away. As we go overnight into Sunday its forecast to be dry. Winds will be from a North Westerly direction around 20 to 30 mph. Temps will range from 12C to 16C


Still a bit of uncertainty with Sunday and its a long way off as yet. Overnight Saturday into Sunday is forecast to be mostly fine and dry. Sunday day time will also start off fine and dry with some decent sunshine. Into the afternoon and evening and this is where the uncertainty lies. Rain is being forecast but the models seem to be struggling but with the timing and exact intensity. Some runs are put it early afternoon and some into the evening. Very intense rainfall is possible. Something I am keeping a close eye on and if it warrants I will do an update before hand. Lighter rain is being forecast as we go overnight Into Monday. Winds are forecast to be around 20 to 30 mph overnight Saturday into Sunday and into the start of Sunday. By lunch time winds are forecast to increase to around 30 to 40 mph perhaps 50 mph with the potential heavy rain, Sorry for the vagueness. Winds will be from a Westerly and South Westerly direction. Temps around 11C to 16C

Long range –

The next week is looking decent at the moment, but an Issue could be strong winds.

Have a great weekend

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