Thursdays forecast – Another settled day.

Good evening Western Isles on this Wednesday evening we are seeing a mostly dry end to the day. Some light rain and drizzle. Cloud is dominating with some clear skies. A few mist and fog patches.

Overnight – We are going to see a fine and dry night for most. The odd light shower is possible. The cloud will dominate. Winds of 5 to 15 mph.

Thursday day – A day of hazy sunshine and at times thick cloud. Some light rain and drizzle but for most it will stay dry. Winds of 5 to 15 mph possible a little stronger with coastal breezes.

Winds will be Easterly and South Easterly but coming South Westerly direction to end the day. Temps of 6C to 10C. So a Little cooler then the last couple of days.

Sunrise and Sunset

Stornoway – 07:24 and 17:53

South Uist – 07:27 and 17:59

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