Weather Watch Monday 25th March

Just trying out something a little new with the blog today. Any feedback is always welcome.

Today’s view from space comes from NASA worldview and shows plenty of cloud across the Western isles. Winds have been a lot lighter. We have seen a few showers around and some sunny spells. Which have been prolonged at times.

Tuesday – high pressure sits over the UK. In the Western isles we will see breezy conditions and it will be mostly overcast. Some light rain and drizzle mainly for Lewis and Harris. This could merge into some longer spells of rain at times.

Wednesday – again sees high pressure across the UK a very similar pattern across the Western isles with the cloud dominating and light rain and drizzle. Brisk winds of 30/40 mph. Some sunny spells.

Thursday – high pressure slips further south. Isobars tighten and winds increase. Gusting 30/40 mph across the Uists and Barra. 40/50 mph across Lewis and Harris. Cloud dominating with some light rain and drizzle.

Hope you have enjoyed reading any feedback is always welcome.

Image credits – pressure charts from the Met office and view from space comes from NASA worldview.

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