Tuesday 26th March

It’s been an overcast day across the Western isles today. Light rain and drizzle with some sunny spells. Today’s view from space highlights the cloud.

Wednesday will be an overcast day. Some light rain and drizzle. Brisk SW 20/30 mph. High pressure dominates across the UK.

Thursday will see more of the same overcast conditions across the Western isles. Light rain and drizzle. Winds gusting 40mph. High pressure remains across the Southern UK.

Friday will see the winds ease but we are going to see heavy rain pushing into the Western isles. High pressure pushes into Europe.

Saturday will see us sandwiched between weather areas of pressure allowing for more settled conditions in the Western isles and plenty of sunshine.

In global weather news the first southern Atlantic tropical storm has formed. The last time the Atlantic had a tropical storm in the Southern Hemisphere was 10 years ago. This storm is called Iba and named by the Brazilian Navy hydrographic centre.

Thank you for reading. Any feedback is always welcome.

* pressure charts from the Met Office. View from space comes from NASA worldview and tropical storm image from the Met Office. *

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