Wednesdays 27th Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western isles, we see seeing an overcast day today. Spells of light rain and drizzle. Brisk winds. The view from space highlights the overcast conditions.

Thursday is going to see another overcast day with light rain sneezing drizzle. Winds of 20/40 mph. High pressure stays across the south of the UK 1038.

Friday sees more of the same. Overcast with some rain which will be heavy at times. Winds will ease. High pressure slides into Europe.

Saturday the UK is sandwiched in between two areas of high pressure. This results in cold air coming down from the North. This will mean cold conditions across the Western isles. It will be a showery and breezy day. Some of these showers will be wintry at times.

Thank you for reading. The view from space comes from NASA worldview. Pressure charts from the Met Office.

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