Wednesdays Weather Watch

Good Afternoon Western isles on this Wednesday afternoon we are seeing rain pushing across the Western isles. It’s heavy and persistent in places and we are seeing some sleet mixed in. Wind are gusting 40/55 mph widely.

The Met Office weather stations in both Stornoway and South Uist have recorded strong gusts throughout the day.

Today’s view from space highlights the overcast conditions.

Thursday will see winds ease but we will see some heavy and persistent morning rain. Becoming lighter and drier as we go into the evening. Low pressure sits in the Bristol Channel on Thursday as the UK stays in an unsettled pattern.

Friday and things start to change. Wind will switch to come from the East and after some overnight rain we should see plenty of sunshine and cloud. The chart shows the shift in wind direction.

Saturday and we are under high pressure variable amounts of cloud and brisk winds but some sunshine. We could see the highest temperatures of the year so far getting into the teens.

And finally Mother Nature seems to have gotten fed up with the goings on in London with thunder over Westminster this afternoon

Thank you for reading

The view from space comes from NASA worldview. Pressure charts and wind speeds from the Met office, Radar from netweather

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