Fridays 5th April Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western isles on this Thursday afternoon we are seeing plenty of sunshine. Wall to wall for mostly chilly Easterly winds. Some cloud and it’s dry.

Saturday – a slight change to what has been forecast of late. We are going to see an overcast day with light rain and drizzle at times. A few sunny spells. Brisk winds.

This extra cloud is thanks to the placement of the warm front draped across Scotland. High pressure sits across the UK.

Sunday – will see brisk winds throughout the day and keep temperatures lower then expected. The cloud will dominate but expecting more in the way of sunshine then on Saturday. Some light rain and drizzle. We sit in between a cold front and warm front.

Monday – fine dry and sunny with wall to wall sunshine for most. Some stubborn cloud. Brisk Easterly and a North Easterly winds. It should be dry. A chilly start in the morning. High pressure stays in charge across the UK.

In global weather news storm chaser for News 9 Val Castor caught 4 and half inch hail in Texas. His car came off a little worse for ware.

Thank you for reading.

The image of the UK and pressure charts from the Met Office. Hail damage from Val Castor at News 9.

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