Sunday’s 7th April Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western isles on this Sunday afternoon we are seeing plenty of cloud around. It’s dry the cloud is high level for most. Brisk winds from the North East are keeping temps down. Second week of the Easter holidays in the Western isles. We are going to dive into what the weather has in store for this week. A full in depth forecast for the rest of the week will be posted later tonight.

Sunday – little change for the rest of today. Going to stay overcast with brisk winds. Increasing breaks in the cloud with more sunshine.

Monday will be a fine and dry day with wall to wall sunshine for most. Some stubborn cloud. The Easterly and North Easterly winds will be brisk but less strong then on Sunday. Feeling warm.

High pressure remains in charge across the UK.

Tuesday again will be another beautiful day with wall to wall sunshine. Light winds and it will be dry.

Across the UK and high pressure will be firmly in control. Very settled conditions.

Wednesday another beautiful day is forecast across the Western isles. Plenty of sunshine wall to wall at times. Brisk winds.

High pressure extending out from Scandinavia is keeping our weather settled.

Rest of the week will stay settled. However cloud will increase and the winds will strengthen again.

Thank you for reading.

Radar comes from Netweather. Pressure charts from the Met Office.

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