Monday 8th April Weather Watch

Good Afternoon Western isles on this Monday afternoon we are seeing stubborn cloud across most of the Western isles. Some sunshine, with the best the further south you are. brisk winds and the odd light shower.

The stubborn to shift cloud is further highlighted by today’s view from space.

Tonight – plenty more sunshine with some stubborn cloud. Brisk winds. Under clear skies tonight a risk of some frost and ice in more sheltered spots.

Tuesday will see another sunny day with plenty of sunshine and light winds. Quite a bit of cloud. For most it will be dry but the odd shower cannot be ruled out.

Little change across the UK with high pressure in charge.

Wednesday will see another settled day. Breezy. Plenty of sunshine with quite a bit of cloud.

High pressure sits across the UK with light winds.

Thursday will see a cloud dominating day. Brisk winds and the risk of the odd shower.

High pressure sits across the UK from Scandinavia however Atlantic fronts edge closer to the UK

In global weather news large hailstones the size of golf balls with some reaching baseball size hit Texas over the weekend.

Thank you for reading.

The view from space comes from NASA worldview. Radar from netweather. Pressure charts from the Met Office and hail stone image from Christian Randell.

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