Saturday 13th April Weather Watch

Good Afternoon Western isles on this Saturday afternoon we are seeing a fine and dry afternoon. The strongest winds have been across the Uists and Barra gusting 40/50 mph.

The radar shows plenty of cloud and sunshine. Across the UK rain pushing into parts of Ireland. A few heavy showers across South East England.

Sunday another windy day. It’s going to be a cloud dominated day. Any sunny spells are expected to be limited. It will feel cooler then of later. Some light rain and drizzle is possible into the evening.

Low pressure towards Greenland 956 mb. The next area of development is to the SW of the UK. This will influence our weather for the next few days.

Monday is going to be another windy overcast day. Some rain is possible in the evening. Most light. We are going to see winds of 40/50 mph. The is a chance quite a low one at this stage of us seeing winds in excess of 50 mph across the Uists and Barra.

High pressure is firmly sitting over Scandinavia. Low pressure is just off Ireland 983 mb which will bring strong winds and rain here.

Tuesday and things are expected to settle down once again. Winds will ease down throughout the day. The cloud will break allowing for the return of sunshine. Some rain for the early hours of Tuesday.

High pressure over Scandinavia and low pressure to our west 986 mb scoots past out in the Atlantic.

In global weather news

Temperatures are soaring across India reaching 40C

Still a strong risk of tornadoes in the USA. Something I will be keeping an eye on.

Thank you for reading.

Radar comes from netweather. Pressure charts and wind data from the Met office.

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