Sunday 14th April Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western isles on this Sunday afternoon we are seeing cloud across large parts of the western isles even some rain into Barra. It’s been windy but despite this we are still seeing sunshine across Lewis and Harris.

Today’s view from space highlights the contrast of cloud across the Western isles.

Winds have been gusting 40/50 mph. The Met office site at South Uist range shows the winds speeds so far for today.

Monday we are going to see winds increase once again. Gusting 40/50 mph. There is a chance of some stronger gusts across the Uists and Barra. It’s going to be a cloud dominating day. A few sunny intervals. A few showers are possible greatest risk will be in the evening.

Low pressure to south west of Ireland 984 mb is bringing us the stronger winds and rain. High pressure sits across Scandinavia.

Tuesday and we are likely to see showers move across the Western isles. Some of these will be heavy at times. It’s going to be windy but less so then Monday.

Wednesday is going to see the winds ease down.some light rain and drizzle. It will become warmer.

We are still dominated by high pressure with an occluded front draped over the Western isles.

The rest of next week looks dry settled and we could well see the warmest temperature of the year so far.

Thank you for reading.

The view from space comes from NASA worldview. Radar from netweather. Pressure charts and wind speeds from the Met Office.

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