Tuesday 16th Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western isles on this Tuesday afternoon we are seeing rain moving across the Western isles. Some of the rain is heavy but for most it’s light and patchy. Winds have eased.

Today’s view from space highlights how overcast conditions have been across the Western isles today.

Wednesday is going to see a return to the fine dry and settled conditions. A mixture of sunshine and cloud. Feeling cool to start but becoming milder as the day goes on.

We are seeing high pressure still across Scandinavia. Areas of low pressure out in the Atlantic.

Thursday is going to see another fine and settled day. A mixture of sunshine and cloud. It’s going to be breezy but mild.

The high pressure system over Scandinavia strengthens its grip across the UK. Keeping conditions settled.

Friday will see the best day of the week. Fine dry and sunny. It is expected to be mild as well. Winds will be mostly light.

Across the rest of the UK we will see some of the highest temperatures of the year even heading into the 20s

Long range – at this stage it looks like a break down of the high pressure system with more unsettled weather forecast for the end of the weekend and into next week but a long way off yet.

Monday across Ireland saw a very wet day with multiple rainfall records breaking.

Thank you for reading.

The view from space comes from NASA worldview. Radar from netweather. Pressure charts from Met Office and rainfall data from the Irish Met Office.

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