Saturday 20th April Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western isles on this Saturday afternoon we are seeing some rain moving across the Western isles. The cloud is dominating.

The rain moved in across the Western isles a little earlier then was anticipated today. One of the difficult to forecast situations. Most places have some light rain and drizzle today. A few heavier spells at times. Below Is a recent radar.

Today’s view from space highlights the return of the cloud across the Western isles.

Today has seen the highest temperature of the year so far with 26C being recorded in Gosport.

Gosport was also the warmest place in the UK on Friday. Below Fridays UK extremes.

Sunday is going to see a wet day across the Western isles. The cloud will dominate with some heavy and at times persistent rain. A few sunny spells. Winds of 20/40 mph.

Low pressure sits close by to the UK bringing the wet and windy conditions. High pressure has retreated back into Europe.

Monday is going to be one of those hard days to forecast. It’s going to be a breezy day with light rain and drizzle to start but should still see plenty of sunshine.

High pressure builds from the East once again whilst low pressure sits out in the Atlantic.

Tuesday is going to see another fine and dry day with breezy conditions. Plenty of sunshine, wall to wall at times. Temperatures will be in the mid to high teens.

High pressure dominates across the UK. Weather fronts sit out in the Atlantic.

And in global weather news yesterday the national hurricane centre in its post analysis confirmed that hurricane Michael was a category 5 on landfall. The first cat 5 to hit continental USA since 1992 with hurricane Andrew and only 4th in recoded history.

Storm chaser Josh Morgerman was in the middle of this hurricane and captured the data in the image below

Thank you for reading.

The view from space comes from NASA worldview. Pressure charts from the Met office. Radar from netweather. Weather extremes from BBC weather and hurricane data from Icyclone.

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