Sunday 21st April Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western isles, on this Sunday afternoon we are seeing rain across most of the Western isles. It has been heavy at times. Brisk winds. The cloud is dominating. Mist and low cloud is also a feature of today’s weather.

Radar shows the recent conditions.

The last 24 hour rainfall accumulation across the Western isles. Bit of a shock to the system after recent dry conditions.

A recent view across the UK highlights how we are stuck under the cloud and rain as much of the UK basks in sunshine.

Monday will see the rain clear away during the early hours. We will see fine and dry conditions once again. Plenty of sunshine. It will feel warm once again. Variable amounts of cloud.

Low pressure sits off the coast of Ireland. High pressure keeps these systems at bay.

Tuesday will see another fine dry and warm day. High pressure extends out across the UK. Plenty of sunshine and variable amounts of cloud.

A broad area of low pressure sits across Northern Europe. Low pressure in the bay of Biscay.

Wednesday we could see some rain creep into the Western isles. But mostly it’s expected to be fine and dry but windy.

Low pressure swirls of the coast of Ireland bringing unsettled weather and the risk of thunderstorms across parts of England and Wales.

Due to the wind direction In the coming week dust from the Sahara is going to be brought across the UK from the Saharan Desert. It may not reach as far north as us in the UK. However it could result in some stunning sunsets.

And finally UK extremes for Saturday

Thank you for reading.

Radar comes from netweather. Pressure charts, uk map, weather extremes come from the Met Office.

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