Friday 26th April Weather Watch

Good evening Western isles we are seeing showers moving across the Western isles. Some of these are heavy. There is still a low risk that some these could be thundery. Plenty of cloud around but it is broken with some clear spells. It’s feeling much cooler then off late.

This is a recent radar that is highlighting the heavy showers.

Today’s view from space shows the overcast conditions

Friday night storm Hannah is going to move across Ireland into wales and England brining gales gusting 90 mph.

You can see the low pressure on this chart 989 mb. For us in the Western isles we will see light winds and a few showers.

Saturday we are going to see the cloud dominating with some sunny spells and light rain and drizzle.

Across the UK high pressure builds in as storm Hannah weakens and moves into the North Sea.

Sunday we will see another cloud dominating day wi5h some sunny spells, light rain and drizzle. Light winds.

Across the UK high pressure is being sandwiched between areas of low pressure. A low out in the Atlantic and in the North Sea with trailing weather fronts.

Monday we are going to see a mild day with a mixture of sunshine and cloud. Some light rain rain. It’s expected to be breezy.

Low pressure sits out in the Atlantic and a warm front sits across the UK but conditions are fairly settled.

Into next week things are expected to stay fairly settled with light winds and some wind.

Storm Hannah

Both the UK Met Office and Irish Met Office have issued update warnings for Storm Hannah. Both warnings can be found on the respective websites. No impacts for the Western isles.

The Irish Met Office have issued a status red for parts of Ireland with winds expected to gust to 93 mph.

The UK Met Office have a yellow warning for wind, this has expanded to cover large parts of England.

Thank you for reading.

The view from space comes from NASA worldview. Radar from Netweather. Pressure chart and uk warning form Met office and Irish warning from Met Eireann.

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