Sunday 5th May Weather Watch

Good evening Western isles we are seeing slow moving showers moving across the Western isles. Brisk winds and plenty of cloud.

The number of showers will increase in frequency as the evening goes on.

Today’s view from space shows the overcast conditions and a few sunny spells.

Monday will see more in the way of sunshine then w have seen recently. It will be breezy and chilly with a few showers.

Across the UK high pressure sits across the UK. With a slow moving occluded front. Low pressure spins out In the Atlantic.

Tuesday is forecast to be a fine and dry day. Plenty of sunshine which will be prolonged at times. It will be chilly again and a chance of a frosty start. Brisk winds.

Across the the UK an occluded front remains slow moving and sits under high pressure. An area of Lowe pressure sits in the Atlantic 978 mb.

Wednesday and things are set to change it will stay chilly for us. It we should see plenty of sunshine and it will be prolonged at Tim’s with variable amounts of cloud.

The UK is going to see a fairly windy day. Showery conditions as broad area of low pressure moves across the UK.

And finally Saturdays Weather extremes

Thank you for reading.

The view from space comes from NASA worldview. Radar from netweather. Pressure charts and extremes from the UK Met Office.

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