Monday 3rd June Weather Watch

Good evening Western isles on this Monday evening we are seeing light rain and drizzle moving across the Western isles with brisk winds. It’s overcast for most with a few bright or sunny spells. Winds have gusted 43 mph today.

Recent radar highlights the rain and drizzle.

Another day and another overcast view from space.

Tuesday will see another day with light rain and drizzle but increasing amounts of sunshine and later winds. However winds are expected to increase from the South to end the day with further rain which will again become heavy.

A developing area of low pressure in the Irish see will bring further rain as increasing winds to most of the UK.

Wednesday will see heavy rain during the early hours. Some uncertainty as yet as to how much rain as yet. It will become drier with increasing amounts of sunshine to end the day. Brisk winds all day around 20/30 mph.

Across the UK it’s mostly settled an occluded front sits across Scotland and Ireland. A weak area of low pressure 1005. But for most winds will be light.

Thursday another unsettled day on the cards with plenty of cloud. Winds will ease to under 10 mph. Further spells of rain during the morning with sunshine to end the day.

Low pressure sits out in the North Sea 1001 mb. Which will bring some rain.

Some interesting tweets from the Met office highlighting the smoke that has come across from Canada. It comes across via the Jet stream and shows the movement of weather systems across the Globe.

In global weather news India has had temperatures reach over 50C according to BBC News.

I would like our temperatures to get warmer just not quite that warm!.

And finally here is Sunday’s extremes across the UK.

Thank you for reading

The view from space comes from NASA worldview. Radar from netweather. Pressure chart, extremes from Met office. India temps from BBC News.

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