Week ahead forecast – Windy but fairly dry.

High pressure will be in charge of our weather next week but its fairly none descript. Going to be windy and mostly dry with an increasing chance of rain towards the back end of the week.

Tuesday – Will be a cloud dominated day. Mostly dry with the odd spell of light rain and drizzle. Winds will increase, best chance of any sunshine will be during the evening. Winds of 20 to 40 mph. Temps of 8C to 13C

Wednesday – Will see another cloud dominating day with some sunny spells. Its going to be mostly dry but some light rain and drizzle is possible. Winds will increase throughout the day 20 to 40 mph with some gusts possibly reaching 40 mph. North Easterly direction. Temps of 7C to 12C but feeling colder in the wind chill.

Thursday – A full on Northerly Blast on Thursday as winds come down from the North gusting 20 to 40 mph. Its going to be a mostly overcast day. Some rain pushing in during the late evening. A few sunny spells but these are expected to be few and far between. Winds will be Northerly and North Easterly direction. Temps will range from 7C to 10C but again feeling colder in the wind chill.

Friday – A showery day is expected as winds finally drop, A day of sunshine and clouds. Winds of 5 to 20 mph from the North and North East. Temps of 8 to 13C

Have a great week.

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