Friday 14th June Weather Watch

Good evening Western isles on this early Friday evening we are seeing that the very heaviest of the rain has cleared away. We are seeing showers behind and a mixture of sunshine and cloud. It’s breezy with brisk winds.

The rest of today will see a mixture of sunshine and cloud with a few showers around but they should mostly clear away. Some prolonged sunshine is possible by late evening.

Today’s view from space once again shows an overcast picture.

Saturday overnight into Saturday we are going to see heavy rain across the Uists and Barra. Drier across Lewis and Harris. For Saturday itself we are going to see a mixture of sunshine and cloud. The best of the sunshine will be when we go into the evening. A few showers around during the day and some of these could be thundery at times.

Across the UK on Saturday it will once again be a day of sunshine and showers. Some of these will be happy and possibly Sunday at times. Low pressure still dominates the weather.

Sunday wins will drop across the Western Isles. We are going to see a mixture of sunshine and cloud. But the cloud will dominate, but in between some decent spells of sunshine. Showers at times but mostly expected to be light.

Across the UK on Sunday low pressure remains close by. It will be another showery day. Some decent sunny spells of times.

Monday and low pressure sits close by and it stays unsettled with further outbreaks of rain and brisk winds with some sunshine at times.

Across the UK for most it’s a much more settled day. Plenty of sunshine and it will be breezy here.

Next week and the middle of next week looks fine dry and settled with plenty of sunshine and feeling warm but turning unsettled again towards the end of the week.

In UK weather news severe flooding has occurred in Lincolnshire after 2 months worth of rain has fallen in two days.

And in global weather news cyclone Vayu is still churning up close to the coast of India bringing rain and strong winds to the area.

And finally here is Thursdays Weather extremes for the UK

The view from space comes from NASA worldview. Radar from netweather, pressure charts and extremes from Met office, flooding photo from BBC weather.

Thank you for reading.

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