Sunday 16th June Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western isles on this Sunday afternoon we are seeing the cloud dominating. Further spells of rain some of these are heavy in places. Brisk winds. Some sunshine breaking through the cloud.

The rest of today will see further showers, however we are likely to see increasing amounts of sunshine as we go into the evening.

Recent radar shows showers moving across the Western isles.

Monday across the Western Isles will see further showers and brisk winds. The showers are likely to be heavy and thundery. But there is someone uncertainty yet regarding the thundery showers. In between we will see some sunshine.

Across the UK Low pressure sit close by, bringing heavy and thundery showers. The best of any drier and brighter weather will be towards the south-east.

Tuesday for the Western Isles will once again see further showers moving in. Some of these will be heavy at times. We are also going to see winds increase across the Western Isles is gusting 30 to 40 mph. The best of any sunshine on Tuesday will be in the evening.

Across the UK on Tuesday Will see a less showery and more settled day. But the shower is continuing for the far north-west. Low-pressure moves slowly away from Scotland.

On Wednesday we going to see another cloud dominated day, the best of the sunshine once again will be in the evening. The showers will be heavy at times we are also going to see brisk winds but these will begin to ease as the day goes on.

Across the UK on Wednesday will see another showery day. Thunderstorms are likely for the south-east. A brief ridge of high-pressure builds across the central UK but low-pressure brings more showers to Scotland.

Long range and unfortunately there is no real signs of the weather between more settled for the Western Isles. High-pressure Attempts at times to build in, but the showery pattern looks set to persist as we move towards the longest day of the year.

The Met office have issued a yellow thunderstorm warning for Southeast England and eastern England on Wednesday. This will bring further spells of rain to areas already saturated by last weeks rainfall. For the full warning and latest updates check out the Met office website or or app.

And finally here are the weather extremes for the UK for Saturday.

The radar comes from netweather. Pressure charts, warnings and extremes from the Met office.

Thank you for reading.

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