Tuesday 18th June Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western Isles and welcome to your latest Weather Watch blog. On this Tuesday afternoon we are seeing fairly dry conditions across the Western Isles with some blue sky and sunshine. A little more cloud and rain which is mostly light across and Lewis and Harris. However brisk wind is gusting 30 to 40 mph are making it feel cooler.

The rest of today will see further spells of rain turning increasingly showery as the day progresses. Winds will remain brisk and in between will see some decent sunny spells.

Wednesday across the Western isles is going to see Further overnight rain which will be heavy at times. Into Wednesday day and we are going to see some light rain and drizzle with further brisk winds however this is expected to clear as we go into the evening and we should see plenty of sunshine to end the day.

Across the UK on Wednesday Low-pressure sits close by to the Western Isles and this will bring further winds and rain across the UK warm air moving up from the continent will also bring the further risk of heavy rain and thunderstorms to the east and south eastern parts of the United Kingdom.

Thursday across the Western Isles will see a predominantly sunshine and showers day once again. Some of these showers will be heavy at times and we will also see brisk winds. It will feel a little cooler again.

Across the UK on Thursday

Friday across the western else is going to see further showers once again and brisk wins it’s going to feel quite a bit cooler than of late temperatures struggling into double figures. Increasing amounts of sunshine once again as we go into the evening.

For the UK on Friday notice a change in the weather as high pressure builds in now this is going to be important for our weather across the Western Isles as we go into the weekend and the start of the new week.

Now long-range is looking a lot more settled across the Western Isles. We should finally see some blue skies sunshine and maybe even warmer weather. However this is a long way out as yet and a lot can and will change between now and then. As ever I will keep you updated. We are in need of some more settled and dry weather.

Here is a chart for next Sunday showing high pressure across the UK. Now please note that this is just one chart from one computer model run and this doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily happen but it’s to give you an idea of what is currently being shown by latest computer model runs which have been consistently showing more settled weather conditions for the coming weekend and into the start of next week.

The UK Met office issued a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms for parts of England for Tuesday into Wednesday. The full can be found via the Met Office website or app please check it for the latest updates. This thunderstorm warning brings further rainfall to an area that has already suffered from flooding and several months worth of rainfall in the last week.

In UK weather news it’s been another stunning noctilucent clouds this image was taken in Salford by Kirin Metcalfe

In global weather news a new highest temperature has been confirmed for Asia by the world meteorological organisation back in 2016 and ranks is the third highest ever temperature recorded anywhere in the world at 53.9C in Kuwait.

And finally here are the weather extremes for the UK on Monday

Radar comes from netweather. Pressure charts, warnings and extremes from Met office. Temperature record from the world meteorological society. Long range chart from netweather.

Thank you for reading.

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