Monday 24th June Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western Isles and welcome to your latest Weather Watch blog.

On this Monday afternoon we are seen rain moving across the Western Isles, some of this is heavy in places. My forecast for today wasn’t the best, the rain has moved closer to the Western Isles then was initially expected. I did make some adjustments this morning in the morning brief after my initial forecast last night.

It was always going to be a tricky forecast and thus proved to be. Not everywhere has seen rain and some parts of the Western Isles has stayed dry.

Today’s view from space highlights the overcast conditions across the Western Isles.

Tuesday across the Western Isles is going to see a mixed day overcast with light rain and drizzle and some fog patches for Lewis and parts of Harris. Elsewhere expected to be drier with plenty of sunshine and variable amounts of cloud.

Tuesday across the UK will see further thundery showers and it will feel hot for most.

Wednesday across the Western Isles will see more in the way of sunshine, but with variable amounts of cloud. It will feel warmer and then on Tuesday but a chilly wind will keep the temperatures down.

Across the UK on Wednesday it will feel hot very hot on the south-west coast colder towards the North Sea Coasts where fog and mist will linger.

Thursday is expected to see a largely fine and dry day across the Western Isles. As high-pressure dominates we should see plenty of sunshine. With light winds but from a chilly direction.

Across the UK on Thursday high-pressure dominates the weather.

There are multiple weather warnings in force across the UK today and tomorrow. Noneof them for the Western Isles. For the latest updates and information check out the Met Office website or app.

A yellow rainfall warning is currently in place across parts of Scotland which has resulted in flooding in Edinburgh with this tweet from BBC weather.

Multiple thunderstorm warnings across the UK this evening and overnight into Wednesday

And finally here are the weather extremes for the UK for Sunday.

The view from space comes from NASA worldview. Radar from netweather. Pressure charts, extremes and warnings from the Met Office.

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