Tuesday 25th June Weather Watch

Good evening Western Isles on this Tuesday evening we are seeing a mostly fine and dry end to the day across the Western Isles. The best of the sunshine has been across the South Uist and Barra. There has been more in the way of cloud across Lewis and Harris this is breaking to allow some decent sunny spells. We are also seeing brisk winds which have helped keep the temperature down.

The rest of this evening will also see fine and dry conditions across the Western Isles, with increasing amounts of sunshine across Lewis and Harris.

Here is the latest radar grab.

Today’s view from space also highlights the amount of sunshine we have seen across the Uists Barra with stubborn and slow-moving cloud across Lewis and Harris.

Wednesday across the western else is going to see another largely fine and dry day. But stubborn cloud across Lewis and Harris will keep temperatures down here, for the best of the sunshine across Uist and Barra. A few spots of light rain and maybe some drizzle as possible across Lewis and Harris. In between we should see some decent and prolonged sunshine the best of this again across Uist and Barra.

Across the UK on Wednesday it will start getting warmer. We are also going to see windy conditions across the south and west, It Will be a day of sunshine and cloud.

Thursday across the Western Isles will see plenty of cloud around this will be stubborn and slow-moving with a chance of a few spots of light rain. But as we go into the afternoon and evening the cloud will break and we’re going to see plenty of sunshine and this will be prolonged in places, it will also feel increasingly warm with temperatures into the mid to high teens.

Across the UK on Thursday high-pressure dominates the weather with the best of the sunny dry and warm weather for the west and south. Along the East coasts it will be cooler here with mist and low cloud dominating .

Friday is increasingly looking like we’re going to see the highest temperatures of the month so far and possibly of the year with temperatures getting into the high teens and the low 20s. We are going to see plenty of sunshine all day and possibly even wall-to-wall sunshine. High-pressure dominates the weather and a brisk south-easterly wind.

Across the UK on Friday we are likely to see the highest temperatures of the year so far with temperatures reaching 30° C in parts of the south and east of the UK. High-pressure dominates the weather. Across parts of Europe they could see temperatures reaching as high as 40°C.

Long range and it looks like it’s turning on settled and cooler again for the weekend.

After a long spell of weather warnings of weather warnings have now expired for the UK. The recent spell of stormy weather brought flooding to Stirling and Edinburgh on Monday.

And finally here are the weather extremes for Monday across the UK.

The view from space comes from NASA worldview. Radar comes from net weather. Pressure charts and extremes from the Met Office.

Thank you for reading.

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