Wednesday 26th June Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western Isles on this Wednesday afternoon we are seeing stubborn to clear cloud which has produced some light rain and drizzle. We are seeing some sunshine in the breaks in the cloud and some hazy sunshine and despite this it is feeling fairly warm.

The rest of today will see the cloud still proving slow to clear and in between we will see some sunny spells. A risk again of some light rain and drizzle at times.

A recent view from space highlights the overcast conditions across the Western Isles.

Thursday across the Western Isles will start to feel warmer as temperatures start to increase. Cloud will prove stubborn to shift especially across Lewis but in between we should see some decent and prolonged sunshine especially the further south you are. It should be dry but the odd light shower cannot be ruled out. Winds are expected to be light across the Western Isles

Thursday across the UK will see very warm temperatures and even hot temperatures at times. It will feel cooler along eastern coast. Strong winds and even gales for the south-west of England.

Friday we expected to see the warmest day of the year for much of the Western Isles. We shall see plenty of sunshine even wall-to-wall sunshine for time. Winds will be light and it will be dry.

On Friday high-pressure dominates across the UK. It’s going to be dry and sunny and very hot temperatures for many parts of the UK especially the south and east.

Saturday across the Western Isles will see the return of more unsettled conditions with rain pushing in this will be heavy at times winds will also increase.

Saturday will see another largely dry and sunny day for much of the UK but an area of low pressure will bring increasing amounts of cloud and some rain to parts of the UK.

Now something I want to introduce is looking at ensembles. This is basically looking at the output of a number of computer models are see what they are suggesting as a likely outcome for a Weather event. So this would cover high or low temperatures. Also storms and the winds predicted. First time I am going to cover this is for Fridays high temperatures for Stornoway, Tarbert, South Uist and Barra.

Now what you can see from these four images is that there is a general trend upward of higher temperatures on Friday across the Western Isles. Now the highest temperatures expected across Harris and Lewis with 21°C the highest peak expected on Friday and 22 to 23° C for Harris. Further south we go across the Western IslesTemperatures are expected to peak lower with a high teens for South Uist and the midteens for Barra. However it is worth noting that things can and will change between now and then and I will do another update tomorrow.

High temperatures are already being felt across Europe with temperatures in the high 30s already. Peak of these temperatures is expected in the next couple of days.

The Met office have issued a yellow weather warning for wind for the south-west of England for Thursday. The full warning can be found by the Met office website or app for the very latest updates.

Finally here are the weather extremes for Tuesday across the UK

The view from space comes from NASA worldview. Radar from netweather. Pressure charts, extremes and warnings from the Met Office. Highest temperatures from the bbc weather and temperature contrasts from

Thank you for reading.

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