Friday 28th June Weather Watch *updated*

Good morning Western Isles welcome to the latest Weather Watch. Now this is an early Weather Watch today as I have quite a busy day ahead. I will try and update this again later this evening time permitting. So please be aware this was done before 11 am on Friday morning.

Now on this Friday morning we are seeing plenty of blue skies and sunshine even wall-to-wall sunshine in places. It’s breezy and there’s still some mist and low cloud lingering. Temperatures have already reached 17°C at the Celsius range. Temperatures are expected to reach 23°C as a maximum in parts of the Western Isles today with temperatures even reaching 30°C on the mainland in the North West Highlands.

Here is a recent radar grab that highlights that West is best today.

Temperature table for the Western isles for today

it’s has been a beautiful day as you can see from the view from space not a cloud to be seen.

Meanwhile the UKs highest temperature was recorded in Scotland for this year

In France a new all time highest temperature of 45.9C was recorded today. The highest since records began

Saturday across the Western Isles is going to see another day with mist and low cloud to start in the morning. We will see plenty of sunshine but it will feel cooler than Friday. We will see showers pushing in and some of these will be heavy and thundery at times.

Across the UK on Saturday we are going to see another very hot day but this were transferred from the west coast to the east coast. The temperature is on the east coast reaching 30 to 34°C. High-pressure still dominates the weather but approaching weather fronts will bring rain and more unsettled conditions to the west.

Sunday is going to see a much more unsettled day we are going to see spells of rain and some of these could merge into some longer and more persistent spells in between some sunny spells and brisk winds.

Sunday across the UK will see showers moving in and more cloud and feeling cooler in the west. Still hot and warm along east coast.

Monday Will see a day of sunshine and showers across the Western Isles. Some of these will be heavy at times. In between we shall see some decent sunny spells. It will feel a lot cooler than what we have seen of late.

Monday across the UK will see showery conditions and breezy weather and it will feel a lot cooler and fresher.

Long range and things are looking more settled for the middle of the week before the Alantic returns next weekend with wind and rain.

It’s not just the UK that is experiencing hot temperatures across Europe they are seeing temperatures in the high 30s and low 40s with a chance of the all-time French temperature record being broken today.

In global weather news in the eastern Pacific tropical storm Alvin became hurricane Alvin earlier today. This will be a short lived hurricane and will we can significantly during the next day.

And finally here are the weather extremes for Thursday across the UK.

The radar comes from netweather. Pressure charts, extremes and temps from the Met office.

Thank you for reading.

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