Thursday 4th July Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western Isles and welcome to your Thursday Weather Watch. It has been a very wet day across the Western Isles with rainfall totals between 10 and 12 mm in places. The rain has been heavy and persistent and this has been accompanied by blustery winds.

However as the rest of this evening goes on we are going to see the rain is slowly clearing away, as a recent radar highlight some of the rain has already cleared away. Further spells of heavy rain for a time but this is clearing away. In between we will see some drier and brighter weather behind will even a chance of some sunshine by late evening.

Here is a recent radar grab highlighting the rain pushing away.

There is next image below highlights the last 12 hours worth of rainfall. As you can see the very heaviest of it has been across Southern Harris.

Today’s view from space is well what you expect a very overcast grey picture.

So what does the weekend have in store?

Friday across the Western Isles and unfortunately it’s going to be more of the same we are going to see further spells of rain and these will be heavy at times. Into the afternoon and evening the rain will become lighter with increasing amounts of sunshine.

Friday across the UK and once again it’s going to be a north south split with the best of the warm and dry and sunnier weather across southern UK. Cloudier in the north with rain here. Low-pressure sits close by to Scotland keeping conditions unsettled here.

Saturday across the Western Isles and we are going to see a gradual improvement. Showers to start the day but these will clear and behind we will see cooler and fresher conditions but plenty of sunshine and it should be mainly dry to end the day.

Saturday across the UK and a cold front pushes through bringing some light and patchy rain with colder conditions to all areas. High-pressure builds to the west of Scotland.

Sunday across the Western Isles and we are expecting to see the best day of the weekend. It will be a cooler day then of late with northerly winds however we should see plenty of sunshine, and in the sunshine feeling warm. It should be a largely fine and dry day however the odd light shower cannot be ruled out.

Across the UK on Sunday and high-pressure builds over Scotland bringing fine dry and settled conditions here with plenty of sunshine. Cooler showery with some sunshine for southern England as a cold front lingers.

Looking ahead to next week in and it’s looking more settled and more like summer weather with drier and warmer conditions.

And in global weather news Hurricane Barbara continues its weakening trend out in eastern Pacific.

Look how tiny Hawaii looks on the far left hand side of this image.

And finally here are the weather extremes for Wednesday across the UK

The view from space comes from NASA worldview. Radar and rainfall totals from netweather. Pressure charts and extremes from the Met Office and hurricane image from the national hurricane centre.

Thank you for reading.

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