Festival forecasts – Heb Celt and EDF. 9th July update.

Good morning and welcome to the start of our festival forecasts for 2019. We will be doing updates for the next couple of weeks for both the Hebridean Celtic Festival and the EDF festival. This will mean daily updates right up to and including the festivals and then updates each evening for the following day and late afternoon update to give you the very latest before that evening’s events.

This is the 7th year of doing forecasts and you never know what the weather will have in store. 2 years ago we had one of the dullest and coolest Julys in over 90 years in Stornoway. We have had plenty of hot and sunny festivals as well. So I will keep you updated.

So we shall start with the Hebridean Celtic festival which runs from Wednesday 17th July to Saturday 20th of July. This festival takes place in the heart of Stornoway in the shadow of Lews Castle every July and attracts visitors from all over the world. This will be the focus of our updates to start with as EDF at this stage is a little to far away in forecasting terms.

More information on Hebridean Celtic Festival can be found in the link below.


The next festival that we will be covering during the course of our update is the Eilean Dorcha Festival. This runs from the Friday 26th July to Saturday 27th of July. This festival takes place on the beautiful Liniclate Machair on the Island of Benbecula.

More details on this festival can be found on the link below


So how is the weather looking?

It is still long way off as yet for Hebridean Celtic Festival over 200 hours so at this stage we are just looking for trends. We are currently in a settled high pressure pattern but high pressure is weak and allowing weather fronts in giving us this grey and wet conditions.

Not much is looking like it will change in the foreseeable but things are set to improve over the weekend. Warming trend as we go over the weekend and into next week. Now what I am seeing is signs of Scandinavian high pressure building in. This usually brings us the best weather which will is normally dry settled and sunny. A set up we tend to see in May. We had it at the end of April this year. However this is by no means guaranteed and things will change between now and then so I will keep you updated. The next couple of days updates are likely to be a bit shorter as I will be between night shifts tomorrow and then travelling on Thursday.

Richard Cooke.

Western Isles Weather.

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