Festival forecasts – Heb Celt and EDF. 10th July update.

Good morning all. Time for a little update on forecasts for the Hebridean Celtic Festival. Yesterday’s first update was the most viewed post on this blog to date with over 400 views. Thank you all who checked it out.

It’s still over a week till the start of the Hebridean Celtic Festival 2019. So at this stage we are looking for trends rather then an actual forecast. The more the accurate we are tends to be around 5 days out from and event.

So what has changed from yesterday. Not a great deal. Low pressure systems to the south and high pressure across us. Winds mostly light. Thursday and most of Friday are into the mid to long range and Saturday will join on Thursday of this week to give us an even more accurate picture.

I should be able to get into more specifics on individual days by Sunday / Monday and then more specifics on timings from Tuesday / Wednesday onwards.

Richard Cooke

Western isles weather

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