Festival forecasts – Heb Celt and EDF. 11th July update.

Good morning. A quick update this morning looking ahead to next weeks Hebridean Celtic Festival.

It’s been a grim few days across the Western isles. Grey cloud, rain, drizzle and fog.

On the positive note things will change over the course of the weekend. Next week is looking improved. Now the 2 main computer models are coming into to play for next week and the festival.

The first is the ECMWF ( European Centre for Medium-Range Weather forecasts) or as I know it the European. It is showing high pressure across the Western isles. Showing light winds are very settled conditions during the course of the festival.

The second is the GFS ( Global Forecast System) this is also showing mainly settled conditions but with low pressure sitting close by which could bring breezy conditions with a greater chance of rain.

So still some agreement needed as yet. Plenty will change between now and then but this hopefully gives you an idea of what could happen and the difficulties of long range forecasting.

The next forecast will be posted on Saturday due to be being busy tomorrow.

Richard Cooke

Western Isles Weather

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