Festival forecasts – Heb Celt and EDF. 13th July update.

Good morning all time for another festival forecast. At this stage we are still doing Hebridean Celtic Festival forecasts as this is the closet event. We are now getting into a more reliable time frame for accuracy. From Sunday onward I will start talking more about specific days.

The forecast for the weekend and keep in mind this will change but has been showing for a number of days now is light winds. Low pressure sits either to West or the North West of the Western Isles.

At the moment there is risk of rain but at this stage mostly expected to be light but could see some more unsettled conditions come Saturday night with winds increasing but that is 7 days out so lot of uncertainty as on that front. So it looks like being a weekend of sunshine and cloud at this stage. Both the European and The GFS model show area of low pressure to our West and North West with high pressure close by to us.

This image below comes from the website Windy.com and highlights light winds across the Western Isles for Thursday. This comes from the ECMWF ( European Centre for Medium-range Weather forecasts). This is just one model run and just gives you an idea. I will use these more often during the course of the next week to highlight the expected weather.


Next update will come out tomorrow.

Have a great Saturday.

Richard Cooke

Western Isles Weather

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