Festival forecasts – Heb Celt and EDF. 14th July update.

Good morning and welcome to the latest of our Festival forecasts. Things have slowly been evolving in the last couple of days and now we are 5 days we are starting to come into a more accurate time frame.

So what has changed since I last updated yesterday morning. The likelihood of fairly strong winds of 20 to 35 mph winds on Saturday night has decreased with it looking likely we will see winds under 20 mph during the course of the festival.

Its looking a lot more unsettled in the days leading up to the festival then it did yesterday. High pressure pushes back into Europe. A broad area of low pressure and its associated weather fronts will move across the UK. Bringing unsettled conditions to the Western Isles.

Below is the Met Office surface pressure chart for Thursday. Low pressure 998mb to the North West of Scotland.

sp chart

Things can and will change between now and then. Its changes in 24 hours and can all change again 24 hours later. I will do another update tomorrow.

Thursday – Sunshine and showers, heavy showers at times. Mild. Prolonged sunshine at times. *Medium Confidence*

Friday – Another mild and showery day. Brisk winds. Drier for the evening *Low Confidence*

Saturday – Becoming warmer as high pressure tries to build in once again. Some showers. Drier to end the day with some prolonged sunshine *Low confidence*

i will become more in depth with each day as we move closer to the festival.

Richard Cooke

Western Isles Weather.


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