Festival forecasts – Heb Celt and EDF. 15th July

Hello and welcome to the next festival forecast update.

It’s been a beautiful day across the Western Isles but unfortunately that is about to all change over the next few days as high pressure gets shifted as low pressure exerts it’s influence.

Wednesday is looking like an extremely wet day. Some uncertainty as to how wet as yet but heavy and persistent rain is likely. This will make the ground more saturated it hasn’t been to wet recently.

As you can see from the Met office surface pressure chart here the area of low pressure and the weather fronts.

Thursday we are expecting to see a sunshine and showers day. Some of these heavy. In between decent and prolonged sunshine with brisk winds.

Thursdays Met office chart highlights the low pressure to our NW this will bring showers and in between we will see some sunshine.

Friday again another showery day but expecting them to be more scattered and lighter. Winds easing.

Saturday is looking showery and these will be heavy once more. Best of the drier weather for the morning and afternoon.

Please note this is 4/5 days out so plenty can and will change with the forecasts towards the Friday and Saturday. I will keep you updated.

Thanks Richard Cooke

Western Isles Weather

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