Festival forecasts – Heb Celt and EDF. 16th July

Hello and welcome to the latest Festival forecasts today on Hebridean Celtic Festival forecast.

This is proving to be a difficult forecast. Low pressure is going to dominate the first day of the festival and things look a little more settled for the end of the festival. I will do my first in depth forecast for Thursday tomorrow evening. I will then do a late afternoon early evening update on Thursday evening and this will be repeated for Friday and Saturday.

Thursday – events don’t start at the tent till later in the day. But for events in the day. We are going to see a day of sunshine and showers. These are expected to be heavy at times. There is a chance that they could be thundery. The greatest risk will be during the afternoon. Rain showers should ease by mid to late evening. Brisk winds and feeling warm. Winds 10/20 mph.

Friday – will see further sunshine and showers. Expected to be lighter during Friday but will be fairly frequent. Drier in to the evening. Winds of 10/30 mph. Easing by late evening.

Saturday – another day of sunshine and this time more scattered showers. Feeling warm. Winds of 10/20 mph.

I will keep you updated.

Thanks Richard Cooke

Western Isles Weather

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