Monday –

Good morning all I have been keeping an eye on the possibility of stormy weather for Monday next week.

There is a chance we could see winds of 50/60 mph for the Western isles along with heavy rain. Nothing unusual at all for us in the Western isles. However this is the middle of summer. We don’t often get that strong winds in summer. Maybe a coupe of times a year.

There are a lot of tourists around. Outdoor activities and camping etc. So it’s very much worth keeping an eye on. Last year the Met office had a named storm of Hector in the middle of June. That brought strong winds to central Scotland.

No warnings have been issued by the Met office for this. If they do or not I will keep you updated. This has The potential to cause disruption and problems. It’s something to have an awareness of at this stage.

I am very grateful that it’s not occurring during Hebridean Celtic Festival of EDF as it would make for a very soggy and windy experience.

If nothing significant changes I will do another update tomorrow or Saturday. It’s still a good 4/5 days out. Won’t go into timing specifics yet as it’s to early things can and will change between now and then.

The daily morning brief will cover it as will the weather watch blog post.


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