Thursday 18th July Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western Isles and welcome to the latest Weather Watch blog.

On this Thursday afternoon we are seeing spells of heavy and persistent rain moving across the Western Isles. In between we are seeing some sunny spells and the best of the drier and brighter weather is across the Uist and Barra. Winds are brisk.

As we going to the evening we are going to see further showers but they are expected to become more scattered and lighter. Some sunny spells but plenty of cloud and winds are expected to ease.

Friday across the Western Isles and we are going to see further showers. But these should be a lot lighter than on Thursday. We’re going to see plenty of sunshine in between the cloud and winds will be lighter. The best of any sunshine and drier conditions will once again be in the late evening.

Friday across the UK is going to see a mixed day low-pressure will bring rain for England and Wales. Showery weather with some sunshine elsewhere.

Saturday across the Western Isles and we are going to see a largely fine and dry day a few scattered showers around but most places will stay dry. It will be warm in the prolonged sunshine and variable amounts of cloud. Winds will be light.

Saturday across the UK and dry and brighter weather for the north. Showers which will be heavy and thundery for England Wales and Northern Ireland.

Sunday across the Western Isles and it’s all change again we are going to see heavy and persistent rain pushing as the day goes on. There is also the chance of gales as we go over night into Monday. In the morning we should see some drier conditions and some sunny spells before the cloud wind and rain push in later.

Sunday across the UK and it will become very warm and humid. High-pressure build across the south and east but weather fronts and tightening isobars will bring strong winds and rain to the west and north-west of the UK.

Looking ahead to next week and things will change between now and then but we likely to see gales and further spells of heavy rain for Monday and Tuesday. As high-pressure builds over Europe this will drag warm air in and we could see temperatures reaching the low 20s.

10 years ago this week there was flash flooding in Stornoway. This brought parts of Stornoway to a standstill with 44 mm of rain falling. It took me 45 minutes to drive from the town centre to the big co-op. Here is an extract from the Stornoway newspaper

In UK weather news the Met office have issued a yellow weather warning for rain for Wales for Friday The full warning can be found via the Met Office website for the very latest updates.

And unusual Rainbow was captured in the highlands which shows a rare sight of a rainbow inside another rainbow.

And in global weather news this fire tornado was captured by the local Fire service in Washington this week.

And finally here are the weather extremes for the UK for Wednesday.

Radar comes from netweather. Pressure charts, extremes and warnings from the Met office.

Thank you for reading

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