Sunday 21st July Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western Isles and welcome to your latest Weather Watch.

We are currently seeing rain pushing across the Western Isles. This rain is heavy and persistent in places and is bringing with it blustery winds that are gusting up to 40 mph. The rain hasn’t quite reached parts of Lewis yet here we are seeing cloud with the occasional sunny spell.

The rest of the day will see further outbreaks of rain which will be heavy and at times persistent with winds gusting 40 mph it will start to become dryer as we go into the evening from the south the dry conditions will eventually reach Lewis by late evening the cloud will dominate with the occasional sunny spell and winds will eventually ease.

Monday across the Western Isles and the cloud is going to dominate we are going to see outbreaks of rain some spells of light rain and drizzle with the occasional sunny spell. The heaviest of the rain will be across the mainland and we should avoid the worst of it, we will see blustery winds at times however.

Monday across the UK and heavy rain is forecast for the west coast of the UK. Warnings have been issued by the Met office and it will be quite a blustery day. Away from the west coast and we shall see some bright and sunny weather.

Tuesday and were expecting to see a mixed day across at the Western Isles. We’re going to see spells of rain which will be heavy at times in the morning this will give way to increasing amounts of sunshine during the afternoon. However we are likely to see further showers increasing in the evening which could be thundery. It will turn increasingly warm across the Western house on Tuesday with him to get into the high teens possibly low 20s.

Tuesday across the UK and it’s going to be quite hot and humid and there will be a risk of thunderstorms developing as the day goes on. High pressure builds in from the east with low-pressure to the west.

Wednesday across the Western Isles will see periods of heavy and possibly thundery showers during the overnight period. It will feel cooler and fresher than on Tuesday. We will see increasing amount of sunshine as the day goes on.

Wednesday is a tale of low-pressure to the west of the UK. There will be further risk of thunderstorms and a cold front drapes across the UK. Showers are likely and these will be thundery at times.

Looking ahead long range and it’s looking like it will stay fairly mild. Turning a bit more blustery and showery towards the end of the week.

In UK weather news the Met office updated its yellow weather warning for rain for the west coast of Scotland not including the Western Isles for Monday into Tuesday. The full warning can be found via the Met Office website or app for the very latest information and updates.

I’m finally here are the weather extremes for the UK for Saturday.

The radar comes from netweather. Pressure charts extremes and warnings from the Met Office.

Thank you for reading.

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