Festival forecasts – EDF. 23nd July

Good evening all EDF kicks off tomorrow with 2 days of fantastic music. if you are heading out tomorrow looks like being a great but windy day. Very warm again. Saturday seeing an increasing chance of rain but this can change. So be prepared!

Friday – All day will see a mixture of sunshine and cloud. The sunshine at times will be quite hazy like on Thursday. But in the breaks we are going to see decent and prolonged sunshine. Feeling warm again. There is a chance of an odd shower but it should mostly be dry. There is a slight chance any showers could be heavy. Winds of 20 to 40 mph but again this should ease down as we go into the evening. Winds will be from the South and South East. Temps of 15 to 22C now even if its hazy sunshine you can still get burnt so sun protection is a advisable.

Saturday – its looking a lot less windy. Winds under 10 mph so could be a feast for midges. Cloud dominating. risk of rain for the evening but there is a lot of uncertainty and will very much depend on placement of the weather front come Saturday. It feel a lot cooler back to low to mid teens.

I will do another update for Friday evening tomorrow and an update for Saturday.

if you are heading out tomorrow have a fab time.

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