Festival forecasts – EDF. 24th July

Hello and welcome to the latest EDF forecast. We are going to take a look at tonight and what the forecast has in store for Saturday.

Friday night – Cloud and brisk winds have been the main factor for today. We have still see some sunshine despite the cloud. Its been windy with gusts reaching 40 mph. The cloud will increase as the evening goes on. It will still feel warm and we will see some sunshine. It should be dry but the odd shower cannot be ruled out. Winds will ease under 20 mph and temps will range from 11C to 16C

Saturday – Will see a lot more cloud then on Friday. Any sunshine will be few and far between. It will feel cooler and fresher. We are going to see light rain and drizzle. At times we could see some heavier spells of rain. Greatest risk during the evening. Winds will be around 0 to 15 mph. This could be a fest for midges. Winds will be variable and temps will range from 12C to 16C

Have a great evening if you are heading out.

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