Monday 29th July Weather Watch

Good evening Western Isles and welcome to your latest Weather Watch blog.

On this Monday evening we have plenty to talk about this morning saw a foggy start to the day with travel disruption at both Barra airport and the loch Boisdale ferry.

We are currently seeing mostly fine and dry conditions across the Western Isles with variable amounts of cloud and a few scattered showers. It is feeling warm and humid once again and temperatures are in the High teens and low 20s. The rest of this evening should be mostly fine and dry with a few scattered showers around that have the potential to be heavy winds will remain mostly light.

Today’s view from space highlights that there has been quite a lot of cloud around with some sunny intervals. Obviously this is just one snapshot of the weather at a certain time. But it gives you a nice indication of what has been happening.

Tuesday across the Western Isles and we are likely to see more mist and fog during the morning hours. Into the daytime and it’s likely to be an overcast day with some light rain and drizzle but for most it should be fine and dry.

Wednesday across the Western Isles and once again it’s going to be largely fine and dry with plenty of cloud around with some light rain and drizzle possible feeling a little cooler than of late.

Thursday cross the Western Isles and again not much change we going to see plenty of cloud with increasing amounts of sunny intervals some light rain and drizzle as possible but for most it will be dry. Again it will be feeling a little bit on the cool side.

In UK weather news we have a new record for the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK it was recorded in Cambridge last Thursday with a temperature of 38.7°C. The Met office confirmed this today.

The Met office also have a number of weather warnings out for the next couple of days across the UK for thunderstorms. The full warnings and the latest information can be found via the Met Office website or app.

An impressive site was picked up on the satellite today with an area of low pressure that will move across the UK during the next couple of days and it had a very impressive swirl.

Onto global weather news and Hawaii is keeping an eye on to tropical storms that could bring wind and rain to the area. First we have tropical storm Erick and tropical storm Flossie which are both expected to become hurricanes in the next 24 hours.

The above image is of Erick And you can see the tropical storm as the big area of clouds and it really makes Hawaii look small in comparison.

Finally here are the weather extremes for the UK for Sunday.

Thank you for reading the view from space comes from NASA world view radar from that net weather. Pressure charts, warnings and extremes from the Met Office. Hurricane images from the national hurricane centre.

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