Tuesdays Stormy Weather

Good evening Western isles this special update to cover the Thunderstorm warning from the Met Office and flood alert issued by SEPA.

The Met office thunderstorm warning comes into force at 11:00 am Tuesday morning and expires at 22:00 Tuesday evening.


SEPA flood alert covers the entire Western isles


So that covers the warnings and the state of play for tomorrow. My thoughts are that these storms can be very hit and miss. As far as I am aware this is the first time the Met Office has issued a thunderstorm warning for the Western Isles since the new thunderstorm warnings came in last year. I could be misremembering.

The key takeaways are –

  • These storms won’t impact everybody you could end up seeing none in your specific area. But where they do form they will be slow-moving and will bring heavy rain and could be thundery.
  • If you do have outdoor activities planned do be aware of the weather and there are now decent lighting detection apps. My lightning tracker is a good app. Do have somewhere safe to seek shelter especially if you hear thunder.
  • Slow-moving heavy rainfall could result in flash flooding. Flash flooding in the summer has resulted in people being evacuated from there homes in the summer in the Western Isles. ( I am not saying it will happen in the situation but something to be aware of. )
  • Keep an eye on the SEPA Website and Met office website for the latest updates and keep an eye on emergency planning and other emergency services social media feeds for any additional information.
  • I will emphasise again we could end up missing the storms entirely and just see heavy rain. It looks at this stage that the greatest risk will along the West coast of Lewis and Harris southwards.
  • It is well worth keeping in mind that storms have no understanding of yellow box so even if where you live isn’t under a weather warning you could still end up seeing a thunderstorm. So be aware.

I will keep this Blog, Twitter and Western Isles weather updated throughout the day as ever.

Any reports or videos and photos are always greatly appreciated. But again only if it is safe to do so.


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