Wednesday 7th August Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western isles and welcome to your latest weather watch blog.

On this Wednesday afternoon, we are seeing overcast conditions with some light rain and drizzle this is occasionally merging into some slightly longer spells of rain. We are seeing occasional sunny spells the best of these have been further south. Winds are brisk and it is feeling a little cooler than of late.

The rest of tonight and into this evening we are going to see some spells of sunshine some light rain in and drizzle this will be slow to clear and plenty of cloud. Winds will stay brisk.

Today’s view from space once again highlights the amount of cloud around and a few sunny intervals.

Thursday across the Western Isles is going to be largely fine and dry with plenty of cloud and some sunny intervals it will feel cooler than we have seen of late with brisk easterly and Northeasterly wins. There will be a brief ridge of high-pressure.

Thursday across the UK we’ll see another day of showers which will be Sunday Times an area of low pressure builds to the south-west but for large parts of the UK, it will be a dry and fine day.

Friday across the Western Isles and we are going to see increasingly strong wins it will cost 30 to 40 mph we’re also going to see some rain which will be heavy at times. It’s going to feel much cooler than of late and we will still see the occasional sunny intervals.

Friday across the UK and it’s going to be a very stormy day area of low pressure is centred just off Ireland is going to bring strong winds and rain too many parts this is particularly unseasonable for this time of year. When is it going to gust 50 mph possibly 60 mph.

Saturday across the Western Isles and we are going to see another overcast day with spells of light rain and drizzle again it’s going to be fairly windy with winds of 30 to 40 mph. The cloud will dominate with the occasional sunny spell.

Saturday across the UK and once again low-pressure dominates the weather is gonna be a much cooler day with wind is gusting 40 to 50 possibly 60 mph in places. Also going to see further spells of rain which again will be heavy at times.

Looking ahead to next week and it stays fairly unsettled we are going to see much cooler temperatures and these will struggle to get into the mid-teens. Breezy at times with spells of rain.

In UK weather news residents of Whaley Bridge have been able to return home as the water levels subsided enough at the dam to make it safe. Other heavy rain has caused travel disruption in parts of Scotland over the last couple of days.

A multitude of weather warnings has been issued for much of the UK in the next coming days as an area of low pressure pushes in bringing unseasonably windy and wet conditions too much of the United Kingdom. All these warnings are yellow warnings and non-of these warnings will impact the Western Isles.

In global weather news, there are two typhoons in the Pacific and they are expected to make landfall over the next coming days.

British typhoon chaser James Reynolds is expected to chase Lekima in the next couple of days.

Finally, here are the weather extremes for the UK for Tuesday.

Thank you for reading.

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