Sunday 25th August Weather Watch

Good evening Western isles and welcome to your latest weather watch blog.

On this Sunday evening we are seeing plenty of blue skies and sunshine and it’s feeling warm. We are seeing some mist fog and sea haar in places. Winds are feeling light.

The rest of this evening will be mostly fine and dry with mist fog and low cloud. Winds will be light with some decent and prolonged sunshine.

Today’s view from space was taken as the cloud broke giving up some decent evening and late afternoon sunshine

Monday across the Western isles will see mist and cloud with fog patches to start the day. Then sunshine with cloud increasing later and then rain. This will be heavy at times.

Monday across the UK mist and fog patches for the West and Ireland. Feeling warm for most and hot In the South East. Thunderstorms for the SW later in the day. Low pressure sits over Iceland 978 mb and associated fronts push across the UK.

Tuesday across the Western isles will see a wet day with heavy and at times persistent rain. Clearing to end the day. A breezy day and feeling cooler.

Tuesday across the UK will see sunshine and showers. Possibly thundery. Feeling warm and again hot for the SE.

Wednesday across the Western isles will see a drier day with light winds and plenty of cloud. Some sunshine. Any early morning rain clearing away.

Wednesday across the UK further spells of sunshine showers. Drier for the North West. Feeling a little cooler then of late.

Staying unsettled for the rest of the weekend with risk of gales to end the week.

In global weather news and tropical storm Dorian is struggling against strong shear here is the latest

In the USA six people were injured by lighting at a PGA golf tournament

Tour Championship: Fans injured by lightning strike at PGA Tour finale

And finally here are the weather extremes for the UK for Saturday

Thank you for reading. Radar from netweather. Pressure charts, extremes from the Met office. Hurricane image from national hurricane centre.

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