Week ahead forecast – The final week of summer

Somehow we are already at the end of summer. It looks set to be yet another unsettled week.

Full in depth forecast for Monday can be found below this update.

Tuesday – Will see a wet day with outbreaks of rain which will be heavy and at times persistent. Some lighter spells with the occasional sunshine. Winds will be light and variable and under 10 mph. Temps of 10C to 15C

Wednesday – After a wet night things improve with sunshine and cloud. Drier end to the day. Light winds again 10 to 20 mph from variable directions. Temps will range from 10C to 16C

Thursday – Will see a day of sunshine and showers. These at times will be heavy. In between some decent and prolonged sunshine. Winds will increase going into the evening. Winds of 20 to 40 mph from the South and South West. Temps will range from 8C to 14C

Friday – A long way off yet and plenty can and will change but we are going to see further heavy rain and risk of gales. Some sunshine. Winds of 20 to 40 mph possibly reaching 50 mph. Temps will range from 10C to 17C

Have a great week

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