Saturday 31st August Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western Isles and welcome to the latest Weather Watch blog.

On this Saturday afternoon we are seeing brisk winds with some showers around. These heavy in places. Some sunshine and plenty of cloud around.

The evening will see a mixture of sunshine and showers these will be heavy at time and winds of 30/40 mph.

Today’s view from space highlights the overcast conditions with some sunshine.

Sunday across the Western isles is going to see a showery start to the day. Some of these heavy at times. We are going to see some decent and prolonged sunshine in the afternoon and early evening. A few showers but these will be more scattered. It will be breezy.

Sunday across the UK will see a cooler day then off late. Risk of thunderstorms for the north and drier and brighter for the South.

Monday across the Western isles looks set to be yet another wet day. Heavy and persistent rain sweeping in with risk gales. Winds gusting 30/40 mph with some gusts reaching 50 mph.

Monday across the UK wet and windy in the North. Drier and breezy in the South.

Tuesday across the Western isles we are going to see a mixture of sunshine and cloud. We are going to see another windy day. Winds of 20/35 mph.

Tuesday across the UK will be wet and windy with spells of rain which be heavy at times.

Rest of next week looks set to stay windy and further outbreaks of rain. The unsettled pattern continues.

In global weather news major hurricane Dorian is a category 4 hurricane heading towards the Bahamas

And finally here are the weather extremes for Friday across the UK.

Thank you for reading. The view from space comes from NASA worldview. Radar from netweather. Pressure charts and extremes from the Met Office. Hurricane images from the national hurricane centre.

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