Wednesday 4th September Weather Watch

Good afternoon Western Isles and welcome to your latest Weather Watch blog we have a bumper edition today with plenty to talk about and even some nice weather in the forecast for a change.

On this Wednesday afternoon we are seeing strong gusty winds that are reaching 40 to 50 mph this is accompanied by mostly like rain and drizzle with the occasional spell of heavy rain. The cloud is dominating with the occasional sunny spell.

The rest of this evening will see further spells of rain wins will still gust 30 to 40 mph occasionally reaching 50 mph. We are also going to see increasing amounts of sunshine prolonged at times.

Today’s view from space highlights the overcast conditions across the Western Isles. We also have a satellite view shared by the Met office earlier which highlights the area of low pressure bringing today’s wet and windy weather.

Not the highest windspeeds that we will see this autumn winter but is a decent windy spell with winds gusting 40 to 50 mph. The observant amongst you will notice how quickly the windspeed Rose earlier today.

Thursday across the Western Isles and we are going to see a showery start to the day and these will occasionally be heavy at times. It will become dry and bright by late morning and into the afternoon before heavy and persistent rain will push into all parts as we go into the evening. It will remain windy on Thursday maybe slightly less wind then Wednesday but we will see still see winds gusting 30 to 40 mph.

Thursday across the UK and high-pressure building to slowly bring more settled weather. However, we will see showers with the greatest risk for the north and west. Plenty of sunshine and feeling chilly.

Friday across the Western Isles and after showery start to the day we are going to see a fine dry and sunny end to the week as high pressure builds in across the Western Isles. Winds are also going to ease.

Friday across the UK and high-pressure get squeezed to the south as a cold front pushes through bringing showery conditions for most.

Saturday across the Western Isles looks set to be the best day we have seen in a while with fine dry settled and sunny conditions across the Western Isles. Things can change between now and then but it is expected to be a nice day.

Saturday across the UK and high-pressure reasserts its self and for most, it’s going to be a fine dry day with plenty of sunshine and mostly light winds.

Looking ahead long range and next week it’s expected to stay unsettled across the Western Isles however things are set to become a lot more complex with the forecast more below.

In global weather news, we still have hurricane Dorian which is now a category two extremely dangerous hurricane sitting off the coast of Florida which will bring storm surge flooding and strong winds to Florida Georgia North Carolina and South Carolina in the coming days. The very latest information and warnings can be found via the National hurricane centre website. When these hurricanes weaken and I really don’t like using the term weakened because this is still an extremely dangerous storm the wind fields expand producing strong winds and rain further from the centre of the hurricane.

As well as hurricane Dorian we also have two other name storms on the board tropical storm Fernand heading into Mexico bringing some much-needed rainfall to the area and tropical storm Gabrielle currently sitting out in the middle of the Atlantic at this stage no threat to land.

But what makes next weeks forecast so complicated is a track of Gabrielle and Dorian once they are no longer tropical storms or hurricane. The track they take could’ve vastly influence our weather and push the jet stream. We have been stuck in a pattern recently very unsettled wet weather a slight movement of jetstream could result in drier conditions however this is not guaranteed. There is also a chance that we could see the tail end of the storms reaching the UK shores however it must be stressed that they will no longer be hurricanes at that point as our waters are not capable of supporting a hurricane.

In Thailand, another tropical system is impacting the area and this ostrich was rescued from the flooding.

And finally, here are the weather extremes across the UK on Tuesday.

Thank you for reading. The view from space comes from NASA worldview. Radar from netweather. Pressure charts extremes from the Met office. Hurricane images from NOAA and national hurricane centre.

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